PRAYER POINTS - intercede for the world...

JUNE 2011 - news and intercession pointsPray

1. Estonia became the 17 th member of Euro.  Lord save Estonia of Europe.
2. Let there be good fellowship between Ceylon and India.
3. Let the forest resources be properly used by people.
4. There was great flood in Brazil. O Lord ! save Brazil.
5. Let democracy flourish in Myanmar.
6. Let there be good fellowship between America and China.
7. Save the New South Sudan (Independence on 2011 Juy 9)
8. Bind the terrorism against christian leaders in Pakistan.
9. Let the rights of women of Turkey be properly saved.
10. Save Tibet from terrorism.
11. Save the new government of Egypt.
12. Let there be peace in Algeria.
13. Let there be peace in Libya. Change all terrorism by the government.
14. Let there be equal rights for men and women in everything all over the world.
15.  Let whole world help Japan in the nuclear disaster.
16. Let the rights of Tamilians be protected.
17. Let the gospel be preached in all languages of the world.
18. Let Indian government help 4 crores of widows in India.
19. Let there be peace in Philipines.
20. Let the boundary problems between countries be rectified by a global approach.
21. Let wrong utilization of nuclear power be stopped all over the world.
22. Let TAPI pipe line work be finished urgently (TURKMENISTAN, AFGANISTAN, PAKISTAN, INDIA)
23. Environmental performance index:- India has received the 12th  place. Let it be improved. Change all pollutions ,Lord.
24. Let the word of God be translated in all languages of the world.e.g World Oral Literature Project.
25. 22000 children below 5 tears are dying per day in the whole world. 21% of this is happening in India. Lord let giving children as sacrifice to devils be stopped.
26. Save us from Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus.
27. Let it be proved that Dinosaurs are animals that lived before the flood that came during Noah's time.
28. The average temperature in Moon is 123 c.There are radiation effects also. Let it be proved that there is no chance of man living in Moon.
29. Protect the satellites  sent by India. e.g RESOURCESAT, YOUTHSAT, EKSAT, GSAT
30. Save us from SUPER BUG VIRUS (NDM-1)
31. Let India join thirty metre telescope plan of America.
32. Let there be awareness of protecting medicinal plants.
33. Help us to write encylopedias like
                                                       a. Wikipedia
                                                       b. Ecured
34. There are many pesticides which are harmful to man.Let it be studied and  used.
35. Save us from RHINO FEVER.
36.There are more than 2,50,000 sea animals and plants. There are 5000 crores planets in our milkyway. There is a planet called KEPLER-10B which is 14 times bigger than earth.
    Let our scientists find many wonderful creations of Jesus who is always wonderful.     


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