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Daily Breads  - Volume one...

Susan Princeton

Rev.Dr.Princeton Joy
Hosannah Church

          "We are living in the very last days where sound doctrine is rarely practised, preached and taught. Our triune God desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of truth [I Tim 2:4]. Preach the word ! Be ready in season and out of season[II Tim 4:2]. So the Holy Spirit has guided the author REV. DR. PRINCETON JOY to write this book."

Many false doctrines are propagating very vigourously. We can overcome them only by preaching the right doctrines. Thats the vision and the outcomes are the two volumes/editions for two full years...!
                               Volume 1 - Calendar view   Volume 1 - Classic view

In the beginning.....
the Spirit of the Lord was hovering over
the face of the water [GEN 1:2]

When Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit 
descended like a DoVE [MATT 3:16]

And the same Spirit did mighty works of power 
through the apostles [Acts 2+].

And it is the Holy Spirit, who teaches us all things....

Let the Holy Spirit rest upon you all the time and teach you
the scriptures as you
 meditate upon various articles
. Amen.