Hosannah Church - vision
Master Theme

20 years back, for His valuable service called this physician .
Rev.Dr. Princeton Joy and his wife Dr.Susan was called for His service.
Both are doing His service. He is also having a hospital called JOY HOSPITAL.

HOSANNAH CHURCH is constructed by the side of this hospital. Total area of the CHURCH is about 15 cents. The CHURCH is placed in the middle of this area, so that all persons can be seated and see and hear the preacher very clearly. The CHURCH is shaped in the form of an OCTAGON with eight sides. The CHURCH is completely built by dressed stones.


             There are about 17 PILLARS A central pillar 7 pillars surrounding the central pillar 7 pillars surrounding the inner 7 pillars. There are 3 gates Northern Gate Eastern Gate Western Gate There are no doors or windows as such for the CHURCH.

            It is built in such a way that any believer can enter and pray at any time. A permanent arrangement is made within the CHURCH to PRAY for INTERNATIONAL REVIVAL.24 BOARDS with NAMES of the countries are written and placed on each side. Each side has 3 BOARDS. So totally there are 24 BOARDS. These 24 BOARDS are arranged for 24 HOURS of PRAYER. In 24 HOURS the EARTH revolves once. So if a person moves praying from one BOARD to another BOARD every hour he/she can finish coming around the CHURCH and praying for the whole world within 24 hours.

              While the person makes one round in the CHURCH, the earth also will simultaneously be revolving once. Nobody can go to all the countries of the world within one day. But in this HOSANNAH CHURCH, an arrangement is made so that within 24 HOURS a person can go in spirit to all the countries as he or she PRAYS. Imagine that the earth is placed within the CHURCH. Imagine that the earth revolves once within 24 HOURS within the CHURCH. Imagine that you are also moving within the CHURCH as the earth is also moving within the CHURCH. If a person comes and prays 24 HOURS for global revival, he will have full satisfaction of having spent a day with the LORD for HIS PURPOSE.

By the guidance of the Holy Spirit this CHURCH is run by

Rev.Dr. Princeton Joy

PANAGUDI, Tirunelveli Dt.


PH: +91-4637-45273